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About The Owner

Hello. My name is Roger and I run a small family owned virus removal company in the cozy town of Owensboro, Kentucky.

I enjoy delivering quality and value to all my friends. In fact, I work extra hard so every virus removal is a 5 star experience!

Since 1997, my experience includes training adult technology classes and providing computer software and hardware support to folks in Kentucky and Indiana.

Thanks to the ability to provide remote support over the Internet, no matter your location, your computer is just moments away from being virus free.

Thanks for reading this and please feel free to contact me or any of the Rock Star Virus Removal Technicians!

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Why Rock Star Virus Removal Service?

  • We’re 100% USA based support.

  • In business as virus removal since 2010. Local PC software and hardware support business since 1997.

  • Friendly and helpful staff with a genuine interest in serving and helping others.

  • Specially trained in virus removal and repair of PC operating system damage.

  • Will also help clean up, optimize, and speed up the computer systems operation.

  • No need to bring your computer to a physical location. In most cases, virus removal is done remotely over the Internet.

Specializes in the diagnosis, repair and
removal of such malicious programs as :

checklist3 (1) Virus

checklist3 (1) Trojans

checklist3 (1) Malware

checklist3 (1) Spyware

checklist3 (1) Adware

checklist3 (1) Rogue Security Software

checklist3 (1) Worms

checklist3 (1) Macro Viruses

checklist3 (1) Pop-Ups

checklist3 (1) Bloatware

checklist3 (1) Rootkits

checklist3 (1) Ransomware

checklist3 (1) Password Stealers

checklist3 (1) Backdoors

checklist3 (1) Plus other detrimental system issues

We’re here to help.  If you think you have a virus, don’t wait until your pictures, spreadsheet, accounting records or any other data is in danger, call us today and get the help you need by a professional Rock Star Virus Removal Technician.

Our Approach

Our technicians are specialized in finding the virus by looking through your computer first and removing the main offending virus. This process alone, while difficult and requires special training, aids in more thorough and usually fast virus removal. After that, we use specialized settings in various software to help remove the often hundreds to thousands of other less invasive viruses (adware, browser hijackers, etc).

Traditional Approach

Typically virus removal is done by using a “spray and pray” method of running many virus removal software hoping to find and remove the offending virus problems.  Different types of viruses and malware require different tools and techniques to truly remove spyware, rootkits, zombies, virus, malware, adware, trojans, bots, ransomware, worms, backdoors, keyloggers, rogue security software and browser hijacker.

Is your computer infected?

Get started today and let us remove your virus.

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