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Removed Scammer and Virus Removal

| Dr. Stallings, Chiropractor and Mrs. Stallings

Our MAC was up and running safely again within an hour and also gave us tips on ways to do things to avoid problems. We trust, ask all kinds of computer-related questions, and recommend highly!


Dr. Stallings called to seek advice after letting a scammer inside his personal home computer by a remote online connection. He had called the scammer after a virus put a message on his computer indicating the phone number to call for help.


The scammer still had full access to the doctors home personal computer. This was removed first to prevent the scammer from causing any further damage. It was discovered the scammer also put a second remote connection software on the computer and this was removed as well. Once that was completed, the virus was removed from the computer. Dr. Stallings stopped short of providing any confidential information such as credit card information to the scammer.

Removed Mac Virus

| Ms. Bosley, Teacher

The tech was very helpful when my MacBook Pro became infected with malware. He returned my call within the hour and talked me through identifying the malware and removing it. His familiarity with the MacBook and and step-by-step instructions made the whole process quick and easy. He even checked in with me a few days later to make sure my computer was still functioning correctly. Excellent customer service!


Ms. Bosley called and advised her laptop displayed a message that her laptop was infected, a recorded voice played, and displayed a phone number to call for help.


After remotely connecting with Ms. Bosley’s laptop, the virus infection was removed from her computer. Thankfully she called quickly before any major damage could occur or any loss of her personal or confidential information.

QuickBooks Issues

| Mr. Wedding, Owensboro Truck Sales

I had major problem with my computer.  Lost parts of my QuickBook banking.  It didn’t take long to have me up and going again.  I would recommend for any large or small problems you have with your (computer) system.


Diagnosed Mr. Wedding’s PC as having a failed hard drive.  Last backup was thought to be on USB stick, but the USB drive was empty.


Mr. Wedding purchased a new PC.  We were able to setup his software and QuickBooks and setup QuickBooks in such a way that any changes are immediately backed up as well as 30 day history of backups for extra data protection.  The backup is fully automated and secure offering Mr. Wedding peace of mind against any future data loss.

Sped Up My Slow Laptop

| Mrs. Dailey, USPS Worker

My computer had been running slowly, and constantly wanting updates. You were able to speed up my performance bring everything back to normal.


Mrs. Dailey advised her laptop was slow and sluggish.


We removed several unwanted programs that were slowing down her laptop.  Also performed maintenance which fixed several issues.  In addition, Windows updates were “stuck” and unable to install causing a reduction in performance, which was fixed.  Also made a hardware recommendation that may benefit her laptop speed.

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