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Oleg Pliss Hack for Mac Book Pro
December 8, 2015
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December 10, 2015
Mac Book Pro Hacked

Is My Mac Book Pro Being Hacked?Mac Book Pro Hacked

“What’s this on the screen? I didn’t do that!”

“I haven’t been to any bad sites, how’d I get a virus.”

“Sorry, but I think my Mac Book Pro Is Hacked.”

Every had to say any of this to your IT person? If so you’re not alone. People who own or use Mac Book Pros Get Hacked every day, and they can’t even tell at what exact point it happened to them. In this article we want to try to show some of the ways this happens and specifically what to watch out for; signs of an impending virus infection.

Scammers and hackers use various methods to try and infiltrate your computer where they can gain access to personal information such as:
Credit Card Data
• Identity Theft Information
• Username and Passwords
• PIN Numbers
• Driver’s License #s
• Insurance ID #s
• College/Financial Aid Information
• Bank #s
• Phone and Utility Account #s
• SSN and more
Anyone requesting any of this information that you are not familiar with and cannot be confirmed as legitimate, should be ignored, left alone or deleted. But be careful and contact help if you do not know the sender or understand the message.  if not you won’t know when your Mac Book Pro been hacked.

Once these scammers have your information they can wreak havoc on your business or life. They can sell your information to a multitude of other business and scammers looking to profit from it. They can withdraw funds from your accounts or have checks sent to them, or even trick you into sending them money. They folks are very good at what they do and what they do is make money off unsuspecting victims.

How Will My Mac Book Pro Be Hacked?

The methods these people use are as diverse as the information they want from you.

• Fake Emails
• Fake Websites
• Fake Calls

Mac Book Pro Been Hacked: Fake Emails

Fake emails often appeal to emotions that we as humans all have: greed, guilt, kindness, lust, and fear.
Promise of money “if you go to this website” or “send a small here . Help someone, get money, be kind, and your in trouble if you don’t send money are just a few things these email get you Mac Book Pro Hacked.

Mac Book Pro Been Hacked: Fake Websites

If I’m a hacker and I can get you to go to my bogus website I can do several things. I can interact with you directly, I can get your personal information, or I can then install a virus on your computer and tell you, you are going to need to pay to get it off. All the while you don’t even know where it came from.

Mac Book Pro Been Hacked: Phony Calls

One thing to keep in mind is that the people who hack your Mac Book are good at what they do. They are ruthless and have one objective, get your personal information so they can make money off of it. If a scammer gets you on the phone they can be so convincing that they can get you to do many of the things we talked about above. Once they have you at on the line they will direct you to their services in some way shape or form and start to squeeze you for everything they can get out of you.

So How Do I Avoid Getting MY Mac Book Pro Hacked?

1. Don’t open ANY emails you don’t recognize the person sending it, or the company associated with it. Many times all it takes is to open the email and the viral action has begun.
2. Don’t go to any websites you cannot confirm the origin of or owner.
3. Mac Book Pro will NEVER call you directly and ask for information about you or your computer unless that has been previously arranged.

So be on the watch out for fake emails, websites and calls. These are often hackers looking for your personal information so they can make money. They do this by appealing to your emotions or fears, such as charities or the idea that you need to send money so we can keep your computer from blowing up. “So has my Mac Book Pro been hackedMac Book Pro Hacked and find out for sure!

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