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Tech Support Scams: Are You A Victim?

Have you ever received this call?

“Hi this is so and so calling from Windows Technical Support. We’ve had several reports and incidents of malicious software being downloaded to computers in your area and we’re calling to let you know that we can run a simple scan to tell if you’ve been infected with this virus or not. If you could give me access to your computer, I can run a thorough screening.”
If so, hang up! Tech Support Scams are on the rise and you could indeed be their next victim. Read on to see how it works and what you can do about it if it has already happened to you.

tech support scamsTech Support Scams: How Do They Work?

There are several key elements to these Microsoft Tech Support Scam Calls that are universal, and present keys to watch for if you receive any calls out of the blue about a potential virus or malware on your computer.

1. The Call Itself

  • Tech Support Scam calls will likely be made by a very polite person who is just “there to help you,” who understands your pain and tells you it will be all right.c
  • If you receive one of these calls you should know that neither Windows, Microsoft or Macintosh will ever cold call you for a problem like “viruses” on computers in the area.
  • As many of these scams originate overseas, there is likely to be a foreign sounding accent on the line with a very American name. If this occurs start asking questions and don’t be swayed from your answers by side issues.

2. Your Computer

  • Unless your computer shows signs of being remotely controlled as talked about in the article “Do You Have Remote Connection Software On Your Computer?” it’s not likely that you’ll know of any issues.
  • Your own virus protection software will very likely take care of any such “viruses” which might attack your computer, and it is very likely that any such virus caller is looking to enact a Tech Support Scam.

3. What Will They Ask

  • Many times these “technicians” will ask for personal information from your computer which will allow them access to your computer in a remote fashion.
  • Once on your computer they will likely install a program that tells you there are viruses or problems with your machine. Once this is done they will charge you to remove a virus they placed on the device themselves.

Tech Support Scams: What Do I Do If I Am Already A Victim?

Perhaps you have already been a victim of these extremely practiced smooth operators. If so then there are basically 2 options:
1. Pay the money they are asking for. In which case you are now a victim of a high tech shake down!

2. Call a professional like those at and start taking back your computer and your life.

Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scams are a massive business these days. They take advantage of good people who aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of their computer. People who are just trying to work and live and have their personal information safely used to exist in a technical world. If you have been a victim of these criminals, and that’s what they are not technicians, then let help.

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