Do You Have Remote Connection Software On Your Computer?

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Remote Connection Software Issues?

Do you have random icons appearing on your desktop? Does your mouse randomly move on its own? Do your passwords keep changing inexplicably? If so then you either have a ghost in your machine or you may have a type of Remote Connection Software downloaded onto your computer. This is where another person or company has somehow managed to gain access to your computer and are now looking at everything you do on your computer and may even be using your machine to:

• They can spy on your computer use
• Watch you type emails or Facebook posts
• Listen to your computer microphone
• Watch your laptop video camera
• Steal your documents and pictures
• Even surf using your computer

For all these reasons and perhaps more, you need to remove any Remote Connection Software programs you have not authorized to be on your computer.

remote connection softwareRemote Connection Software: How Do They Get There?

The answer to that question could have multiple answers. These Remote Connection Software programs get downloaded on your computer in a variety of ways.

• Perhaps you visited a Malicious Website
• You talked on the phone with a Computer Scammer and gave them personal information or access to your computer
• Other websites obtain your pass codes and sell them to Hackers
• You filled out an application or survey from an unsecure or bogus website

However the method of entry, once on your computer a Remote Connection Software program has to be removed for your financial safety and peace of mind. Now, if you’ve given permission for a computer technician to log in to your computer without your intervention, such as to a server, this article may not be for you. This is for those folks that suspect or wish to check if their computer contains remote connection software which may be in use.

Remote Connection Software: Who Are They? What Do I Look For?

There are a multitude of sites and services which can perpetrate this type of invasion, some of them include: (important to note when installed, also goes by LMI Rescue)
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Apple Remote Desktop
Anyplace Control

If you recognize any of these sites from your computer, but haven’t given them permission to access your computer, then perhaps it’s time to remove their Remote Connection Software.

Remote Connection Software: How Can I Get Rid Of It?

There are some simple steps that you can take to get rid of many of the Remote Connection Software programs.

1. Hit the Windows key in the lower left corner of your keyboard and click on “Control Panels”.

remote connection software

remote connection software






2. Once at the Control Panels window, click on “Programs and Features” which produce a list of all programs on your hard drive.

remote connection software




3. Once there Right Click the Remote Connection Software; make sure you know exactly which Program you need to get rid of. (If in doubt you will need to contact a professional virus removal service like those at

4. Once found, “right click” on the proper program and choose “Uninstall” from the menu. Then follow any on screen instructions to complete the process.

Once removed/uninstalled your computer will be free of said Remote Connection Software.

Remote Connection Software: How Can I Tell If I Have It?

There are several steps that can help identify or uncover any Remote Connection Software Running on your computer; ranging from simple to needing assistance from a professional. But to start with look at the basics described here:

If you can’t detect the software with these simple steps, but something still seems off then contact the professionals at; let them do the worrying.

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