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Online Virus Removal Service to Get Rid of Viruses, Trojans and other Malwares
December 10, 2015
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Veteran and Military Discount Virus Removal: For Those About To Rock Star Virus Removal We Salute You!
December 12, 2015
Virus Killer

Careful when pushing that button!

What is a Virus Killer?

When it comes to protecting the overall safety of your computer and other devices, our Rock Star Virus Killer is the best service and best virus killers for removing viruses, Trojans, spyware, pop-ups and other computer problems.

There are lots of anti-virus software that is widely available online and in the market, but no Free Virus Killer Program that’s worth anything. It is a fact that choosing for the best anti-virus software is not an

easy thing to do since it normally requires intensive research, time and effort to get the best results you are expecting.

But viruses still find their way into computers even with the best anti-virus software.

Our Rock Star Technician Virus Killer is considered as one of the best services to remove offending viruses. In addition to this, Rock Star Virus Killer technicians can delete and detect all kinds of spyware, malware, Trojans from the infected systems. In order for you to be familiar with Rock Star Virus Killer, here are some of the amazing features of this type of service.

Virus Killer

Careful when pushing that button!

Features of Rock Star Virus Killer Service

Qualified Technicians search the Process manager and have the ability to:

View the files properties and processes
Open the file locations
• Submit MDS to VirusTotal with the use of VT API
Search information and details about a certain process in the internet
Verify the file signatures
Kill the entire “trusted” processes
Resume and pause processes
• Kill the entire listed processes except for the system processes
Kill all the virus processes and at the same time delete the parent file
Kill a number of risky processes
Filter the entire running processes with the use of executable path

Why does this matter? Often viruses hide from anti-virus software. It takes a manual review of these processes as a part of the overall plan to remove any viruses.

Other places our Rock Star Virus Killer service checks includes:

Schedules tasks and startup entries:

• View startup entries and file properties
• Open startup entries and file locations
• Jump to registry key where startup entry can be found
• Submit startup entries with the use of VT API
• Search information and details about startup entry and file in the web
• Unhide the Microsoft files from your list
• Verify startup entries and file signatures
• Delete the virus startup entries, corresponding files and scheduled tasks

There are additional places viruses can hide that our Virus Killer service reviews:

Windows drivers and services:

• View the file and service properties
• Open the driver and service file location
• Jump to registry key where the driver or service can be found
• Submit driver and service files in the web
• Verify the drivers and services file signatures
• Choose the drivers and services to be displayed
• Show all drivers and services (including hidden)
• Perform the common management service tasks such as resume service, set startup type, pause, start and stop
Delete virus drivers or virus services as well as the corresponding files

Use the custom commands to easily and quickly download folders and files, add or delete registry entries, execute programs, delete folders and files, terminate processes, run UVK files or register system files or run batch scripts

Replace or Delete Folder of File

• Replace operating system infected files with an uninfected version
• Choose whether you want to delete files or you want to move them to recycle bin
• Empty the recycle bin
• Delete virus folders and files that prohibit deleting

Create a Scan Log

• Perform custom virus scans, live retrieving information and details on registry entries, folders, files or get VirusTotal analysis
• Search for created files and at the same time write them on the log for your review
• Perform full analysis on your system and save it to a text file. Report is emailed to you.

With the help of Rock Star Virus Killer Service, we can fix your PC virus.

We also reset the shell folders of the user, fix the Windows shell, delete all the restore points that may contain viruses, fix the system restore if broken, fix installation issues and problems, reset the security settings, empty all the browser cache, and optionally optimize and defragment hard drives and a lot more.

It’s our goal to help defeat any future virus infections by recommending virus killer service needs (specific to you) and protection for you. This may include:

Restore and backup the Windows registry
Prevent modifying internet setting as well as the startup pages of Internet explorer
Prevent deleting or creating browser objects, search providers and toolbars of Internet explorer
Prevent adding other programs to Windows log-on and startup
Prevent vulnerable registry and other system file areas from being infected

Viruses can cause your computer to reduce it’s optimization. Optionally, some Rock Star Virus Killer folks will choose for us to optimize their computer system back to it’s peak performance.


• Perform operating system updates
• Empty your temporary folders (caches) and recycle bin
• Much more

If you are in search for the best Online Virus Killer Service for your PC and other devices, you don’t need to look any further since Rock Star Virus Killer is the perfect option. For more information about Virus Killer, call us today!


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