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November 5, 2015
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Getting Rid Of A Trojan Virus

trojan virusDo you think Virgil, the ancient Latin poet who wrote the Aeneid between 29 and 19 BC knew what a phrase he was creating when he told the story of the Trojan Horse the Greeks used to break their siege of Troy? In it he tells of the Greeks and their sneaky ploy of hiding in an gift sent to the Trojans as a peace offering. Little did they know but hidden inside was their doom. The same is true of the computer Malware/Virus called a Trojan Virus!

How Does A Trojan Virus Work?

We’ve all innocently clicked on that seeming innocuous email or opened that website from the Google Directory, and BAM!!! Suddenly your computer goes haywire! What you thought was one thing for your computer winds up being something totally different and a lot more damaging. There are a multitude of ways that a Trojan Virus can get onto your computer:

  • Email
  • Network Shared resources
  • Unfamiliar Removable Media (DVD, CD, USB Drives, etc)
  • Internet Downloads
  • Document Files

It’s hard to give a Trojan Virus definition, but it’s more productive to look at some of the things they can do.

What Are Some Common Things A Trojan Virus Will Do?

There are a plethora of things a Trojan Virus on your computer can do.

  • Granting a hacker or scammer remote access to your computer
  • Gathering personal and financial information
  • Removing your security measures
  • Recording Keystrokes and surfing habits
  • Gather password and log in data
  • To use your computer remotely to deal with other machines
  • Wiping out your hard drive completely
  • Various other attacks

These are a few of the more common uses for Trojan Viruses being spread to your computer. They can range in size from specific computer attacks to massive “email viruses” that affect millions. The main reason for Trojans are to make money, but some just use them to wreak havoc and cause their brand of “fun”

How Can I Prevent Trojan Viruses From Getting On My Computer?

The best and most obvious method of defeating a Trojan Virus on your computer is to never, NEVER . . .NEVER open an attachment or website you are unfamiliar with. Often times your anti-malware programs will alert you to possible computer attacks such as:

  • Trojan Viruses
  • Worm Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Various Types of malware

Don’t ever ignore the signs and signals your software gives you about potential malevolent websites and downloads. That’s why they are there. If it seems too good to be true and no matter how bad you want it, the potential for computer disaster is not worth the gain you think you might achieve!

What Can I Do If I Have Already Opened a Trojan Horse On My Machine?

trojan virus

Don’t worry yourself to death about a Trojan Virus on your device.

Aside from that, if you open a Trojan Virus on your computer, then it’s probably too late. Although you can tell if you have a Trojan on your computer, it is often hard to virtually impossible to tell if you have one of these “sneaky” viruses. There are several things you can do to detect a Trojan on your computer. At Wikihow there are steps you can take, but they are often technical and involve at least a rudimentary knowledge of the administration of your machine.

The best method to detect and rid yourself of a Trojan Virus on your devices is to use an Online Virus Removal Service. With one of these services, such as, you get a personal, professional technician familiar with all the latest ways that scammers and hackers are using these invasive techniques to get at you and your information or computer.  Trojan Virus Removal is the only sure fire way to be free of these horrible menaces.

When you Contact Us, you get a guaranteed service provider that will:

  1. Remotely access your computer
  2. Use diagnostic software and years of practical experience to detect any virus, Trojan or otherwise, or abnormality in your system
  3. Remove said viruses
  4. Make sure you have the anti-malware programs that prevent such Trojan Viruses from attacking again
  5. Give you the latest education on what to watch for and how to avoid such Hacks and Scams

Trojan Virus

If you think you have a Trojan Virus or any virus on your computer for that matter, and you’ve tried the band-aide remedies you found looking on the internet, to no avail, then it’s time to contact a professional. It may be the only way to avoid more damage. An Online Virus Removal Service is likely the only recourse left to you and the folks at RockStarVirusRemoval are waiting to help you.

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