Apple Ends QuickTime Support – New Vulnerabilities Announced

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Quicktime Apple Uuninstall Vulnerable

Uninstall Apple QuickTime which contains two known vulnerabilities that can allow an attacker to execute their own deceptive code on your computer.  Since Apple ended support for QuickTime, these known vulnerabilities will not be fixed.

Given the scale of computers that have this old vulnerable software installed, it’s recommended to check any PC or laptop at work or home and remove QuickTime.

The goods news is that Windows users shouldn’t have a need for this software and it can be easily removed.  Remove QuickTime by visiting your Windows Control Panel and clicking “Programs and Features”, locate QuickTime and uninstall it from your computer.  For additional instructions provided by Apple, visit

Users that are using our recommended protection have been protected from this threat, however, best practice suggests removing known vulnerable programs like QuickTime.

For some who have older PCs or have Windows XP but also have the need to play .mov files, remove QuickTime and download and install the K-lite Codec Pack from a safe source such as  Avoid the ads on the site and click “Download Latest Version”.

For more technical information about this vulnerability, visit

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