How Can You Tell If Your PC Web Browser Has Been Hijacked?

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“I know my home page for my search engine used to be Google, why is this new site coming up. I’ve never even heard of this before.”

If this has happened to you then you could have a virus and a PC Hijacked Web Browser. One of the most common ways for viruses to get at your computer is to switch out your search page for one that the virus controls.

If you look closely at the image for this article, it appears like a common search engine page, Google.  That’s done intentionally hoping you might think it’s the real deal and start typing in your searches. The real problem comes when you start searching and go to any of those sites and enter your personal information.

What Are These Viruses After?

• Any personal financial information
• Usernames and Passwords
• Social Security Numbers
• Business Information
• PIN Numbers

How Do These “PC Hijacked” Viruses Collect My Personal Information?

When these viruses are up and running, you think you’re going to a safe (no viruses) website, but the virus on your computer could be like having a camera right in front of your monitor screen, recording. It’s able to see and record everywhere you go, and what you do when you get there.

Let’s say you go to a large retail store’s website and order clothes or other materials, and enter your Credit Card number. The virus that has “PC hijacked” your search page may see your information, and you can bet that someone on the other end of that virus is going to use it.

Sometimes these criminals make money simply when you search from their page, or click on an ad located on the search page. But often they are looking for your information of the type listed above.

How To Recognize Viruses That Have My PC Hijacked?

1. If you turn on your Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox and your home page has been changed.
2. If you type something into your search box and hit enter to go to that page, and another site comes up other than what you intended.

These are warning signs that you could have a PC Hijacked Web Browser virus.

Roger Whittaker
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