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January 13, 2016
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Keeping Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks

Heading in to the store one day you hear on the radio about the newest Trojan Horse Virus that is attacking the people and businesses listed on a Major Credit Card database. You have a thought in the back of your mind about how messed up those folks lives are gonna be. When you enter the store you realize YOU are one of those folks.

• Storessafe-from-cyber-attacks

• Service Industries

• Restaurants

• Individually Owned Skilled Trade Labor

• Any small business

If you are a small business owner, at some point in your career you will need protecting or rescuing on the technology front. How can you keep your business safe from cyber attacks?

Business Safe From Cyber Attacks: How Do The Bad Guys Get In?

• Bogus Emails

• Unknown links

• Ghost Links on known websites

• Computer Support scam pages

• Adware

• Trojan Viruses and Worms

• Spyware

• Malware

All the above are ways that hackers and scammers can get into your computer system or device. All it takes is often one simple click to place malicious software on your computer that could be designed either to:

• Get money

• Obtain personal information

• Copy Usernames and Passwords

• Obtain a multitude of personal customer information

It’s important to protect these bits of data and control what goes in and out of your system. So to protect yourself as well as your customer, you need some defenses. But how can you do that with so many people trying to hack into your system and mess with your mind as well as your personal information?

Business Safe From Cyber Attacks: How Can It Be Prevented?

• Daily rebooting (cleansing your cache and history)

• Antivirus Software (Norton’s, Malware Bytes, SUPERSpyware)

• Closely monitoring the actions and habit s of your computer and customers

The above are just a few ways you can keep your computer and thus your customers protected from most “ordinary” attacks such as viruses and malicious software. But what happens if those defenses don’t work? How am I going to protect my small business safe from cyber attacks?

Business Safe From Cyber Attacks: What Should I Do If I Do Have a Virus?

Like many small business owners it’s simple, if you can’t move and hold private your information, you can’t do business. You have to get professional help if you get hacked or held hostage. The answer is as simple as:

Step 1
Contact a professional, experienced company that deals with these matters as a part of daily life

Step 2
Let us examine your problem and give you an Action Plan to get you moving again

Step 3
Let us connect with your computer remotely and fix the problem (Guaranteed!)

Step 4
Let us advise you on how to keep your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks again

Step 5
Resume “business as usual” (often within hours on the same day)

Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks

It’s highly, highly likely you will have to deal with Cyber Attacks in this marvelous age of technology. If and when that happens, let us help. The experts at have years of experience and a proven track record in dealing with these criminals. Call or click and let us get you doing business again!

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