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October 11, 2015
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There are many advantages and disadvantages to using Remote Computer Virus Repair and Removal. While most people are familiar with basic computer assistance in the form of specific computer technician looking at your computer either as part of a service provided by retail chains and institutions or as an entire business itself; there are other options out there. For everyone from complete novice computer users to even the most experienced computer user there comes a time when you need the help of a qualified Computer Virus Repair specialist. When this time comes you don’t have to drag your computer halfway across town for a 5 second fix, instead there is remote access computer assistance.

Remote Computer Virus Repair – Pros

One of the biggest advantages of remote access Computer Virus Repair is that you don’t have to leave the house. This can be a minor advantage in the case of the more mobile forms of computing.

  • For larger desktops and server banks this might not be possible.
  • In these cases, normally a technician would have to come to that location to diagnose and potentially fix the problem.

With Remote Computer Virus Repair the technician can get all of the information they need to diagnose and potentially fix the issue without having to physically touch the computer. This also limits computer down time as the technician can immediately get into and hopefully fix the issue from their current location. This avoids the technician having to come out and potentially not have the right tools or programs needed during their first or follow up visits.

Remote Computer Virus Repair –  Cons

One of the biggest disadvantages regarding Remote Computer Virus Repair is tied to the hardware itself. As complex and intricate as computers are not all of the potential problems are tied to the software. In some cases the physical hardware of the computer could be causing the problem. While computers are getting better about detecting potential hardware problems without having to crack open the computer itself this does not repair or fix the problem. In these cases, remote access can diagnose the issue but cannot actually fix the problem. In the case of a physical technician having hands on the computer themselves they can potentially solve any hardware issues on the spot or they know where to send the computer to have these issues taken care of. With remote access Computer Virus Repair this is not possible.

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